Artisan Sandwich

Great tasting sandwiches for your more discerning customers

Looking for gourmet sandwiches? Our Artisan Sandwich range is perfect for you. These deli-style sandwiches provide high quality ingredients at an affordable price.


Our Artisan sandwich range will give your customers an indulgent homemade sandwich feel at your finger tips.  This range will suit the palate of the adventurous, the bold and those looking for something that little bit special.

Keepin’ it tasteful for 30 Years!

Here are just a few from our range:

Bacon Brie & Onion Chutney

New York Deli

Chicken Tikka Bhaji with Yogurt & Mint

Roast Beef Horseradish & Rocket

Ciabatta’s and Panini’s

Ciabatta’s and Panini’s

Our Panini and Ciabatta Range is guaranteed to hit the spot. Perfect for toasting and who can resist this for lunch when its oozing with delicious melted cheese.

Crunchy on the outside, soft and succulent in the middle!

Keepin’ it appetizing for 30 years!

Here are just a few from our range:

Barbeque Chicken Panini

Mozzarella, Sundried Tomato, Pesto & Tomato Ciabatta

Pesto Chicken Ciabatta

Meat Feast Ciabatta


Simple Eats

We designed this range for people that are on the go, straightforward and have a no-nonsense view of life. You’ll get the same munchilicious taste as with our deepfill range but at a lower cost.

Keepin’ it simple for 30 years!

Here are just a few from our range:

Tuna Mayo

Cheese Pickle & Red Onion

Ham & Cheese

Chicken Mayonnaise


Deep Fill Sandwiches

All of our sandwiches are lovingly developed by hand to get to the hungry public with no time to spare. With over 30 years of experience, you can guarantee our product quality is consistent and exceptional.

Keepin’ it filling for over 30 years!


Here are just a few from our range:

Cheddar Cheese & Onion Chutney

Tuna Crunch

Egg & Cress

Crab & Prawn


Sub Rolls

Our sub rolls and French baguettes come in a range of classic fillings and are guaranteed to satisfy the biggest hunger cravings while still offering great value for money.

Keepin’ it classic for 30 years!


Here are just a few from the range:

Gammon Ham Salad

Cheddar Cheese Ploughmans

Turkey Salad Mayonnaise

Chicken & Bacon



Our delicious wraps have a range of fillings to suit every taste. Perfect if you want great tasting fillings with less carbs

Keepin’ it healthier for 30 years!

Here are just a few from the range:

Chicken Tikka Salad with Yogurt & Mint

Tuna Crunch Salad

Chicken & Bacon

Mexican Fajita Chicken



If you fancy a sandwich that combines stacked fillings with delicious soft bread our seeded plait rolls deliver on flavour with an added hint of sesame seeds in every bite

Chomp your way from end to end and savour the taste of our delectable range. Delicious meaty sandwiches that will keep your mouth-watering through to the final bite

Keepin’ it seeded for 30 years!

Here are just a few from the range:

New York Deli

Chicken Mayonnaise Gammon Ham Salad

Beef Feast Deli

Southern BBQ Pork Deli



We offer delicious salad bowls as another low-fat alternative. We add the freshest locally sourced fillings to make sure the next mouthful is as tasty as the first.

Keepin’ it fresh for 30 years!

Here are just a few from our range:

Chicken Tikka Salad

Lime & Coriander Salad

Gammon Ham & Egg Salad

Tuna Crunch Salad

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